How to Join #literacies

You can find the #literacies chat on Twitter the 4th Tuesday of every month at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET. Search for the hashtag #literacies in Twitter. We’ve learned from our friends and colleagues who participate in #engchat that another tool like Twubs or tchat can help you follow the discussion. Tweetdeck is another good option.


This is the first half of the Writing and Literacies SIG Slow Chat from the AERA Annual Meeting. The questions centred around the learnings, resources, and connections at the conference in San Diego.

3/30 Centering Literacies of Joy

Drs. Kamania Wynter-Hoyte (@KWynterHoyte) & Renata Love Jones (@MsLove_Jones) invite the community to share how literacies of joy are being taken up in these times. Read the chat here.

9/22 with Dr. Stephanie Toliver, N’Kenge Robertson & Sarah Jackson: Beginning New Journeys in Contentious Times

Dr. Stephanie Toliver (@SR_Toliver), N’Kenge Robertson (@nkengerobertson) and Sarah Jackson (@ms_sarahjackson) led a reflection on holding to our anti-racist commitments and creating moments of joy in this chat: “Beginning New Journeys in Contentious Times: Highlighting and Maintaining our Commitments During Times of Transition and Tension.” If you missed the chat, please check it out here.

5/26 with Tracey Flores & Justin Coles: “Together We Can Overcome”

The Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine of communities has highlighted the long history of systemic inequities that have existed for IBPOC folx since the beginning of colonization in this country. Click here for our SIG’s conversation about how we can build solidarity across communities at this time to move forward.