Inaugural #literacies Chat

  1. On June 7, 2012, we held our first #literacies chat. To announce the topic for the evening, I had written:
    “For our first week, we’d like to know what brings each of us to the table, so to speak. How do our educational, research and personal interests in contemporary literacies connect and build on each other? We are bound to learn quite a bit from each other as we share insights, resources, interests and concerns, but before we dive in, let’s take a moment to get to know each other.”
  2. It wasn’t long after we began that we found that many commitments–shared and divergent–had brought us to the conversation.
  3. Dr_Pendergrass
    I engage in the #literacies conversations as I am working on building teacher leaders who are involved in praxis #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:10:02
  4. Dr_Pendergrass
    Additionally”surefire”lesson plans may be useful, they often become stagnant quickly in our fast-based digital literacies world. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:11:29
  5. Jessifer
    @writerswriting I’m particularly interesting in thinking about intersection between analog and digital #literacies. Re: work on @HybridPed.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:11:17
  6. Jessifer
    @writerswriting I’m committed to helping students explore the processes by which they become literate. #literacies is a continual process.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:29:47
  7. slamteacher
    @writerswriting I’m intrigued by the idea of #literacies as function, and as they enable us to interact meaningfully with the web.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:11:42
  8. slamteacher
    @mday666 @writerswriting And perhaps how #literacies allow us to create, modify, and change digital identity?
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:14:08
  9. MaryAnnReilly
    As an artist I am interested in the idea that #literacies are (un)bounded & how such constraint/freedom can/is (re)presented visually.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:12:23
  10. mday666
    @writerswriting #literacies but I am most interested in digital rhetoric and writing. How we create and maintain digital identity thru wrtg
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:13:12
  11. mday666
    @writerswriting #literacies Commitment to exploring, expanding, finding, discussing instead of deciding, determining. prescribing, limiting.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:28:20
  12. mmanderino
    I am interested in the role of multiliteracies in disciplinary learning. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:13:52
  13. mmanderino
    Committed to the expansion of texts and tools to communicate, critique, and produce within disciplines. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:33:33
  14. erinehsani
    I teach first year comp & feel compelled to speak digital: the language of students #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:23:31
  15. erinehsani
    @BWGleason I’m committed to #literacies that connect students to real world issues outside the classroom #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:49:44
  16. BWGleason
    @writerswriting I’m committed to #literacies that expand public dialogue and are based on critical reading.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:45:39
  17. linlouj
    @Dr_Pendergrass I’m committed to using technology for social change/activism. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:31:06
  18. writerswriting
    @Jessifer That brings me to my commitment: I am pretty darn committed to steering clear of romanticizing digital #literacies.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:37:19
  19. mhall78
    I come to the #literacies conversation to think about self expression and creativity
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:10:31
  20. Matt also shared that he comes to literacies to unlearn:
  21. Throughout the evening, we kept returning to our working definitions of “literacies” and we explored, challenged and refined many dimensions we considered inherent:
  22. intuition and the unconscious
  23. mday666
    @writerswriting #literacies Well, is intuition and the unconscious, the “felt sense” of writing, communication, and art, a kind of literacy?
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:20:18
  24. klbz
    @mday666 Lovely question- exactly what the new Common Core standards are forcing secondary teachers to set aside. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:22:12
  25. a rhetoric and an epistemological rubric
  26. allistelling
    @writerswriting Indeed, #literacies can become like #rhetoric — the epistemological rubric that shapes most of our action.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:21:58
  27. Jessifer
    @allistelling @writerswriting … and like #ethics. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:23:09
  28. writerswriting
    @allistelling @klbz Interesting to add paradigms to the list of things that are afforded and constrained in digital #literacies.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:22:20
  29. writerswriting
    @slamteacher @Dr_Pendergrass @allistelling I think they are def rhetorical. I think we may be pushing it to say epistemological. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:27:30
  30. writerswriting
    @klbz If we go that far, we’ve made #literacies everything…and then nothing. Rhet feels like a description. Epist like a redefinition.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:29:56
  31. klbz
    @linlouj As a way of being in the world. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:40:20
  32. allistelling
    @klbz @linlouj Yes, we’ve talked about this @HybridPed: the ontology of hybridity, how many ways we exist as hybrid beings. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:45:04
  33. allistelling
    Going back to our disc of epistemology: #literacies are the ways that we know. The leap from sense data to cognitive meaning.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:47:06
  34. writerswriting
    @allistelling Yes, and as everyone has been discussing the shift in ways of knowing, I am coming around to this #literacies as epistemology.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:50:31
  35. allistelling
    @writerswriting To go further, the diff. between looking through the box for owner’s manual and going online for a disc. board. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:54:02
  36. a thing…or a process…or none of the above…
  37. Jessifer
    Emerson in “The American Scholar”: “Books are the best of things, well used; abused, among the worst.” #literacies is not a what but a how.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:44:48
  38. erinehsani
    & I’m committed to #literacies as tools for evolved engagement. Tho now I suffer from semantic satiation. Thing or process? #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:54:12
  39. mday666
    @erinehsani #literacies process. All in becoming, since there is no “there” there.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:56:16
  40. Jessifer
    @mhall78 @linlouj You can talk about processes, but can you effectively point to them? #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:50:13
  41. linlouj
    @mhall78 @Jessifer Yea…that’s the hard part. Takes a lot of time to document/research the processes associated with #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:54:48
  42. writerswriting
    @Jessifer I, too, find that the focus on processes is more tangible–even possible–in #literacies than in traditional print.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:31:05
  43. writerswriting
    @HybridPed Yes, this Q has been going forever regarding writing: process vs. product. So…could we just be projecting here? to #literacies?
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:54:18
  44. writerswriting
    Y’all have got me thinking: Is process vs thing the wrong question when we’re talking #literacies?
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:56:57
  45. Jessifer
    @writerswriting Or, maybe, that’s the fundamental question that helps map this terrain? Thinking about Peter Elbow now. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:58:08
  46. social practices
  47. Dr_Pendergrass
    #literacies as social practices… must communicate and make meanings from “texts” #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:43:55
  48. MaryAnnReilly
    @writerswriting @HybridPed Situatedness of #literacies represent a key difference btw autonomous notions of rdg/writing & social practices
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:57:16
  49. mhall78
    I typically think about #literacies as social practice but what about
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:46:55
  50. writerswriting
    @mhall78 I understood B&C as not non-practice, but more arguing for a #literacies approach across *contexts*/existing together/non-silo.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:49:57
  51. Not only did the concept of literacies keep returning throughout the chat, but we were keen to consider the limits of the concept, and its social realities.
  52. linlouj
    @mhall78 Never! 🙂 But as mentioned earlier–what do we lose if label (sorry) everything #literacies?
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:46:07
  53. linlouj
    @mhall78 Good question! Hard to say, but I’m pretty concerned with the amount of capital/power associated with certain #literacies.
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 19:51:41
  54. Though we decided there was far too much to say and share in the five minutes we had left, several shared great people to follow on and off Twitter, as well as other communities and blogs which we felt had pushed our thinking in contemporary #literacies.

    Consider following:

    And check out several of the shared links:

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