Post-Chat #literacies ‘Randoms’

A few exchanges post-chat have tickled my fancy. I thought I’d collect them and share them. These have emphasized for me how generous, connected, and smart the people involved in #literacies really chat really are!
Twitter Chats are like “conversations at a good, loud party.”
  1. mday666
    @allistelling #literacies Thanks for the invitation, Pete! These new tweet-ins are a lot like chats we had 20 years ago on the MOO!
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 20:06:12
  2. allistelling
    @mday666 They are certainly chaotic, provoking, and multidirectional .. like conversation at a good, loud party. #literacies
    Thu, Jun 07 2012 20:08:41
  3. “Participants are ‘randoms’ from all over?”
  4. JRRockwall
    @writerswriting you bet! really engaging convo tonight. Is this group for a graduate class?
    Thu, Jun 14 2012 20:15:26
  5. writerswriting
    @JRRockwall It began as a hashtag @Dr_Pendergrass & I used to collab btw our grad classes last sem.Someone suggested we make it into a chat.
    Thu, Jun 14 2012 20:17:36
  6. JRRockwall
    @writerswriting @Dr_Pendergrass uber cool. so participants are “randoms” from all over? just finished a module on VLCs, so timely and cool!
    Thu, Jun 14 2012 20:38:37
  7. writerswriting
    @JRRockwall Yep! In fact, @Dr_Pendergrass & I only know each other virtually. She tweeted something I blogged about:
    Thu, Jun 14 2012 20:43:28

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