On 7/12 #literacies: Time, Timely, Timeless

Lately I (@writerswriting, Anna) have turned to listening to podcasts while I run. My favorites are This American Life and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. (In fact, I blogged about my response to our chat about defining ‘literacies’ and the last episode of This American Life I listened to during a run. Check it out here.)

Yesterday I had three episodes of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me to catch up on. If you know the show, it’s all about the guests’ knowledge of current events. As I listened to shows from merely two and three weeks ago, I found myself thinking: “Who wouldn’t know that?” and “That’s old news. Why are they asking about that?” I had to keep reminding myself that I was listening to “old” episodes. This prompted me to start thinking about the role that time plays in new literacy practices. For instance, it’s nice to have our chat archives, but reading them post-chat, and not while they are popping up on our screen in time is a completely different experience and act of interpretation and comprehension. For this week, I’d like to explore such questions as:

  • How does time play a role in the interpretation, creation and distribution of digital products?
  • How are we teaching and learning about fast and slow interpretation and creation?
  • What strategies and practices have people taken up to address collapsed timeframes between creation, distribution and interpretation of texts?

Find the Chat Archive here…and continue the conversation below!

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