On 2/21 Conferring with Writers Across #Literacies

We are excited to announce that Chris Lehman (@iChrisLehman) will be hosting the February 21st #literacies chat. It is always a pleasure when Chris can join in on #literacies chat. As a community we can count on him for ideas that are equal parts thoughtful and practical.
what a cool laptop

Chris invites us to chat with him on 2/21 about conferring with writers across literacies and asks us to contribute to the guiding questions for our chat at the following GDoc: http://bit.ly/W08rXN .

From Chris:
Hi everyone!  I’m looking forward to guest hosting #literacies chat on February 21, 2013 from 8-9PM EST.  We will think together about “Conferring with Writers Across Literacies,” and share practical tips and brainstorming inventive ways of supporting student growth across different ways of writing and content creation. Think paper and pen (essays, stories, poems), to creating digital media (powerpoint, prezis, podcasts), to social media (blogs, twitter) and anything else that comes up in our conversation.

My interest in this topic came from working with many classrooms around the country who are undertaking 1-1 laptop initiatives. In many cases I see students experimenting with ways of creating content and teachers diligently working with students, yet I see conversations mostly falling into one of two categories: conversations with students about writing (“what are you thinking about when you write your lead?” “can I teach you something about organizing your paragraphs?”) or conversations with students about technology (“don’t forget to change the background color so it is readable” “can I show you how to embed a video?”).  My hunch is that when talking with students about literacies we can tackle both.

I also believe some of our best practices about assessing student writing growth and supporting individual writers can be brought to the ways we work with students when talking about technology and content creation. I think there is more power in helping students learn and practice habits of writing and digital creation, not just on the spot problem solving.

I am looking forward to learning with everyone and developing approaches together!
Chris Lehman

Find the Chat Archive here…and continue the conversation below!

More about Chris:
Chris is coauthor of Pathways to the Common Core (with Lucy Calkins and Mary Ehrenworth) and author of Energize Research Reading and Writing and A Quick Guide to Reviving Disengaged Writers. He is a Senior Staff Developer with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University.


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