3/21 #literacies chat with William Kist @williamkist

Many teachers and scholars are advocating for a broadened conception of literacy in this global new media age.  During the past year, I’ve studied some interesting projects that seek to take advantage of the ease of classroom collaborations on an international level.  These collaborations have taken the form of creating a textbook together  or working on teams to create videos  as part of The Flat Classroom Project.  The most ambitious (and expensive) global education project I studied was the Think Global School  in which students are not only immersed in technology but foreign countries as well as they actually travel to several overseas destinations over the course of one school year (kind of like an educational The Amazing Race.)  I’ve documented some of these global partnership projects in my book, The Global School.  I look forward to discussing some of these projects as well as hearing about some new ones.  I’m also interested in having a dialogue about how these kinds of visionary projects can survive in the Common Core era.

Also, here is my website:  www.williamkist.com

And here is my Twitter account: https://twitter.com/williamkist


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