On 10/17 Write-to-Connect #literacies Twitter Chat

The October 17th #literacies chat, sponsored by the National Writing Project, focuses on the idea of writing to connect, a theme for the upcoming National Day on Writing tweetup (#write2connect) Monday Oct. 21st. This chat is also part of Connected Educator Month.

The following is from Grant Faulkner (@GrantFaulkner), our guest host and the director of the National Novel Writing Month:

As the executive director of National Novel Writing Month (http://nanowrimo.org/), I’ve come to realize the importance and possibilities of community when writing. The powerful NaNoWriMo community debunks the myth of the solitary novelist. Writing is a social act, and #write2connect is what we witness each year during NaNoWriMo.

For this #literacies chat, I invite you to prepare your itchy twitter fingers for the NDOW October 21st #write2connect tweetup by exploring and turning over during #literacies some of the implications of writing to connect.  Think of this as a warmup among friends.

Questions to consider:

    1. How does writing, particularly writing with new media, foster connections for you? For your students?
    2. Does digital writing enhance or detract from your ability to connect ideas? How?
    3. What other kinds of connections does writing foster in your life? In the lives of the youth who surround you?

Click here for more info.



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