Transmedia with @AmandaHavard

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As a storyteller and storyliver (story-er?), I (@AmandaHavard) have long since been invested in the evolution of storytelling. There exists a generation of digital natives hungry for content and suspended-disbelief experiences that exist outside the confines of network TV screens, traditionally published hardbacks, and the stone-built walls of a video game. This same generation consumes media in such a multiplatform, multimodal way, that we find ourselves at the perfect moment for transmedia storytelling to take a real foothold.

And, yet, it hasn’t. Why just today, we hear the echoes of future-forward storytelling entities like the Ghosts of Startups Past, and those of us who blaze the trail continue to wonder not just what we could be doing to help push the envelope further, faster, but how we must do it so that our dedication to creation yields, in the end, more than the shattered pieces of experiments.

Though my own storytelling attempts have developed into a myriad of experiments — straight novels, to engagement-based and curated book apps, to crafting original songs that YouTube stars would sing as if from one character to another, to an elaborate five-year Twitter conversation between six fictional characters — I can’t help but wonder which of these pieces, paths, trials, or tactics, will ultimately result in transmedia storytelling that compels. To be compelling is one thing (and many transmedia projects have been), but to truly compel the masses to embrace new forms and formats is another mountain we’ve all yet to climb.

I’m interested in a discussion about the evolution of storytelling and, thus, the evolution of literacy. Questions will include

  • How do we define literacy in a transmedia world? (Specifically, how does our definition change?)
  • What transmedia stories, principles, or ideas compel our youngest generation? How does that transform both the way we think and talk about stories?
  • What entities are poised to have the largest impact on transmedia efforts?
  • Are transmedia story worlds more or less conducive to literary analysis? To reader engagement? To fan contribution?
  • Are transmedia stories detracting from literacy by distracting from classic forms and narrative? Or are they making story worlds ever more robust?

For these and more, join us, Thursday, 12/5 at 8pm EST, as we talk transmedia and the evolution of storytelling.


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