2/17 & 2/20: Gender as a Lens in Educational Spaces


The 4th LRA Research to Practice Episode on Monday, 2/17 at 7PM EST

and follow-up #literacies chat on Thursday, 2/20 at 8PM EST

On Monday and Thursday, we will consider Gender as a Lens in Educational Spaces.

On Monday 7PM EST:

The LRA Learning Research to Practice is available via Google Hangouts-on-Air. This broadcasts the show live, which means you can watch the show live while it is happening…and ask questions. To get involved in the show, you can view (and ask questions) here: www.youtube.com/user/LiteracyResearch/live. You can also watch it on YouTube after the show has completed, and share with teachers, students, and other educational partners that you believe would be interested in the topics, or the series.

Monday’s panelists include: Nancy NiemiCaitlin RyanKim Richard, and Maree Bender. Together, with your questions, they will discuss:

      • How do we define gender?
      • What are the “big” questions about this topic?
      • What implications in instructional practices and principles should we consider?

You can also review and comment on show notes by clicking here.

On Thursday 8PM EST:

Join us on Twitter as we extend this conversation via our #literacies chat! If you are new to #literacies chat, more info on how to get involved is available here.


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