May #literacies & LRA R2P: Academic Vocabulary

This month, we will consider Academic Vocabulary. On Thursday (5/1) 8 PM EST:
Join us on Twitter as we begin this conversation via our #literacies chat! If you are new to #literacies chat, more info on how to get involved is available here.

We’ll discuss:

    • What is the role of direct vocabulary instruction vs. learning language through use in context?
    • What is the balance between “academic” vocabulary & technical or discipline specific vocabulary?
    • How does technology impact vocabulary acquisition?
    • What implications in instructional practices and principles should we consider?

On Tuesday (5/6) 8 PM EST join us for the LRA Research to Practice Show:  

Join Freddy Hiebert, Jim Burke, Bridget Dalton, Thomas DeVere Wolsey, and Michael Manderino for the LRA Learning Research to Practice show.

The show is available via Google Hangouts-on-Air. This broadcasts the show live, which means you can watch the show live while it is happening…and ask questions. To get involved in the show, you can view (and ask questions) here. You can also watch it on YouTube after the show has completed, and share with teachers, students, and other educational partners that you believe would be interested in the topics, or the series.

On Thursday (5/15) 8 PM EST follow-up #literacies chat!


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