Young Adults and their Writing Practices

photo-5-2This month, we will consider Young Adults and their Writing Practices

On Thursday (8/7) 8 PM EST:
Join us on Twitter as we begin this conversation via our #literacies chat! If you are new to #literacies chat, more info on how to get involved is available here.

We’ll discuss:

  1. What is the relationship between young adults’ in-school and out-of-school  writing practices?  Are these separate?  Does one inform the other?  Should teachers see these practices on continuum?
  2. What are the experiences of students whose writing practices traverse spatial and digital borders?
  3. What instructional practices allow educators to create dynamic and responsive approaches for engaging youth in writing?
  4. As more emphasis has been placed on informative writing, what advice do you have for teachers about continuing to include narrative writing in the curriculum?
  5. In what ways should teachers motivate and encourage students who view themselves as “struggling” writers?
On Tuesday (8/19) 8 PM EDT join us for the LRA Research to Practice Show:  Join Douglas Fisher, Mellinee LesleyJen Scott Curwood, and Anna Smith for the LRA Learning Research to Practice show. In addition to discussing the kind of research they do regarding writing and young adults, they will discuss the current context for teaching young adult writers, and how they describe the writing practices they’ve seen with young adults. They will tackle the ever-present question: What does it mean to teach young adults how to write? And finally, they will discuss what they see as next for research and practice in regards to young adult writers.

The show is available via Google Hangouts-on-Air. This broadcasts the show live, which means you can watch the show live while it is happening…and ask questions. To get involved in the show, you can view (and ask questions) here. You can also watch it on YouTube after the show has completed, and share with teachers, students, and other educational partners that you believe would be interested in the topics, or the series.

On Thursday (8/21) 8 PM EST follow-up #literacies chat!

Join us on Twitter as we follow up this conversation via our #literacies chat! If you are new to #literacies chat, more info on how to get involved is available here.


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