Expanded Notions of #Literacies

How we (the field, schools, media) conceptualize literacy, and thus define the perimeters for being ‘successful’ as a reader and writer, very much opens and closes spaces for students. Broader notions of literacy, and what it means to be literate (including in online contexts), expands the spaces where students can develop, critique, and utilize literate practices. This teaching can provide students a voice and agency of their literacy practices. But, what are practices that allow students to be creators, designers, and meaning-makers? In addition, what is the research that supports these expanded notions of literacy? And what does this mean for policy?

The LRA Research to Practice show will be exploring these issues on October 15th from 2-3 PM ET. Panelists include Don Leu, Elena Forzani, Chris Rhoads, and Jon Barilone. All shows are live and audience members can participate by watching the show via this link, and can ask panelists questions using the #LRAShow hashtag on Twitter.

On October 16th from 8-9 PM ET, Jon Barilone will also guest host a follow-up #literacies Twitter chat.


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