Space, Place, and #literacies

In November, #literacies chat will bookend Episode 13 of the LRA Show. The topic is Space, Place, and #literacies.

On Thursday (11/6) @ 8 PM EST #literacies chat:

Join us on Twitter for a conversation using the hashtag #literacies about the role of place and space in teaching and learning. If you are new to #literacies chat, details for getting involved are here.

We will discuss the following questions:

  • In what ways does place matter to teaching and learning?
  • How would you describe the place in which you teach?
  • How does the place you teach relate to “where you’re from?”
  • How does your place and students’ multiple social spaces shape their learning?

On Wednesday (11/12) @ 8 PM EST join us for the LRA Research to Practice Show

Join Lindy Johnson, Heather Pleasants, Damiana Gibbons Pyles, Ryan Rish, and Julie Warner, members of the Southern Places – Digital Spaces Research Collaborative for the LRA Show. In this episode, the panelists will be discussing how (re)considerations of place and space can help us productively problematize monolithic notions of urban, suburban, and rural in our teaching and research. Panelists will briefly describe how they have (and have not) taken up place and space in their research before discussing how teachers can attend to the ways adolescents’ understand and navigate the places and social spaces in which they learn, make meaning, and enact identities.

The show is produced through Google Hangouts On Air. The show is available as a live broadcast and as an archived recording. During the live broadcast, viewers can ask questions of the panelists. After the live broadcast, viewers can share the recording with teachers, students, and other educational partners who may be interested in this episode or other episodes in the Research to Practice series of shows.

On Thursday (11/20) @ 8 PM EST follow-up #literacies chat

Join us again on Twitter as we follow up the LRA Show with a #literacies chat. Again, if you are new to #literacies chat, you can find information here.


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