#literacies chat 4/7: Locative Literacies & Narrative Cartography: Examining Literacies on the Move

Curious about how users are writing, making, and producing with place through the act of narrative cartography? Interested in investigating the intersection of literacies and mobilities to explore how locative literacies are amplifying cultural change and social (or, better yet, spatial) justice? Want to lurk and learn about how digital literacies and mobile media are being used as pedagogical rich points to write, make, and produce space? Join a team of #literacies teachers, researchers, and teacher educators on April 7, 2016 (9PM EST).


Locative Literacies and Narrative Cartography: Examining Literacies on the Move with Jon Wargo @wargojon, Nathan Phillips @nathancphillips, and Ty Hollet @tyhollett

Possible Questions:

  1. How do, what we’re calling locative literacies and the practices of narrative cartography, invite users/participants to write, make, and, produce with place?

  2. What do youth potentially learn (or even reveal, uncover, confront) about their local community through narrative cartography?

  3. How are youth critically reading, writing, making, and producing space to effect change in their communities and to engage in civic processes that impact their lives now and in the future?

  4. What methodological or theoretical orientations do you find useful for studying issues of mobility and locative literacies?

  5. How does narrative cartography emerge in K-16 classroom practice? How are you using locative literacies in your praxis?

  6. In an era of writing and literacies “on the move” what new questions (re: ethics, method, etc.) need answering?

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